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The Padx Idea

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Say “Hello” to Consumer Centered Real Estate.

The internet and buyer-focused apps have disrupted and re-invented the way countless industries do business with buyers; such as, music, tv, film, tourism, transportation, whether in the air or on the road. Purchase transactions are better, faster, and most of all, more pleasurable for the buyer, centered around their lifestyle and their needs.

So why not do this in real estate?

That’s the question the founders of Padx asked themselves. A group comprised of seasoned real estate professionals, digital strategists, data analysts, and IT developers have devised a way to put buyers more firmly in control of the process, and properly reward them for their role.

Real user

Padx empowers you to find and buy your next home, with the help of an agent whenever you need it. Our unrivaled search capabilities allow you to find the perfect match for your needs. You’ll find a home you like, set up a tour, and with our easy-to-use offer writing tool you can craft an offer on-the-spot, designed to be accepted.

And of course, you’ll have a dedicated Real Estate professional to personally assist you anytime you need. The best part: when you use Padx to buy your next home, we'll refund 50% of our buyer’s agent commission to you. Learn more about the rebate.

Why buy a home the traditional way?